Tiktok files in explorer

Apr 24, 2023
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Hello everyone, was hoping to get an answer to some questions that I haven't had any luck with figuring out on my own.
1) I was using the Tiktok webpage to access the program, not the app. Are previously viewed ( but not saved) videos and images stored in a cache somewhere?
2) I have been trying to view my general browsing history images but all I see are empty .dat files raw data files ( that I cant open) and files with no extensions. I've used multiple tools to open these files but have had no luck. Is there a reason it is do difficult to view your internet history?
3) Not sure if this the tight forum but... I have been able to open some xlm files but they are displayed in a cpu language. Is there any way decipher these pages using dev tools? I am using both Chrome and Edge.

Thank you so much for any help provided!


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