Unused Windows 10 sounds?

Mar 10, 2016
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Hello all.

This is something I have noticed, as I am sure others have noticed as well; Windows 10 has some unused sounds in the "Sounds" tab under the "Sounds" windows. (Between Recording and Communications.) I bring this up because I'm not sure if this is a future feature that they are working on over at Microsoft and just left it in there for sake of accessibility, or what, but it's something I need to ask:

When I get an email, the sound I hear is this sound:

However, when I look on the list, I see two sounds that seem to be unused for email notifications, even though their sole purposes are to be for email notifications. Here are the "unused" sounds for email notifications:


When I listen to these sounds, (I have changed the system defaults to my own custom sounds) they sound nice and I would like these to play instead of the default "notification" sound.

Can someone please explain to me why these are meant for email notifications but go unused? If they are not unused, can someone please tell me how to map them to email notifications?

(I tried leaving the "notification" sound blank, but it doesn't force the computer to use the email notification sounds, it just shows the email banner with no sound.)

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