Voice recognition on win 10 is terrible

Aug 3, 2015
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It could be me, I cannot get voice recon to work well! It adds its own language. I downloaded Cortana and that is an other story, it says I cannot remove it, unless I read it wrong, I thought it the the voice recon, it did not. My big question is there a BETTER, FREE program that is better than that?



Mar 4, 2016
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PC World published an article several years ago comparing voice recognition software:


No doubt there are some more recent articles online too. I just have not chosen to seek them out in recent years as I prefer to manual typing and mouse-clicking personally.

To my knowledge no one has yet surpassed the algorithm Dragon Speech uses which makes it #1 option for someone wanting to use Voice Recognition regularly. However, it does cost money to purchase.

At one time there was a significant bug in Dragon Speech, however I posted a permanent solution on their Forums back then which resolved this issue for all Windows users of any version, and by now I would assume Dragon Speech coders have permanently resolve the bug now anyway.

I'm not aware of any free programs that are any better than what Windows offers. Perhaps if anyone will do this it may be Google that all ready uses that speech option in their Search engines which is not too bad.

At the end of day with any software like this it does take time to train it to work with your particular accent, and having a good quality microphone or headset does make a difference.

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