SOLVED Weird Windows 10 problem, freezing,etc

May 27, 2019
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anything is possible with Windows I guess...or perhaps it was the green fairy at the bottom of the garden .... its a mystery:D

Oh yeah also followed your suggestions re language and downloaded necessary files.
Now laptop runs in English which I find preferable although I still have to use the German keyboard on the laptop, but that's no problem.

But then I did something silly... yeah... I decided to use my Microsoft account, I should have left well alone.
Should have followed the old rule ...anything with Microsoft and you're going to have bloody problems.

After logging on to Microsoft account, Everything's screwed up .. the German language option disappeared completely, as did the German keyboard layout, only options left were English US and English UK. So looks like by logging into Microsoft account it reverted everything to previous settings from years before.

Bloody irritating... And of course with Microsoft things are never simple, one would think once logging into your account you could log out, but not with bloody Microsoft.
only way to do it it seems is to start another, what they call local account, so I did that.

anyway I don't know how, but after a lot of farting around I managed to get all the German stuff and the German keyboard setting back.

So, Lessons learnt with Microsoft if things run reasonably well, leave the bloody thing alone! Try to change things,it'll likely screw you up.

Anyway things running OK now fingers crossed, no more constant restarts, freezing,etc for weeks now.
And now doing regular maintenance like setting a restore point at start of every week just in case.


Apr 22, 2017
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Please mark as solved so it helps others should you be satisfied now, thanks. :)

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