Windows 10 laptop settings not open, control panel acting weird, no sound available

Dec 11, 2017
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Hello everyone, I would like your help on some issues I am facing the last days with my ASUS laptop. Suddenly, two days ago, when I opened the laptop I saw in the panel down right on the screen that the sound was not available, with a red x on it. Moreover, when I tried to dig this issue a little bit more I saw that laptop's settings was not accessible, neither some options of the control panel.

I have tried various solutions that I read while I was googling my issues but none them has fixed it yet.

I also tried to restore in any of the restore points I had available but for every one I took an error (0x8007025d).

I would be more than happy to hear any suggestion is going to fix those issues.

Thanks in advance.


Mar 4, 2016
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Hi grkag,

Have you updated the laptop OS lately? That error message can appear when installing Windows 10 and is an indicator that it was unable to install certain files during this process.

The other possibility is that the Windows Update Service has downloaded and installed some new drivers which for whatever reason are not suitable for your Sound Card/Chipset. Rolling back the installation via Device Manager may suffice.

Given your other issues though that may not be possible.

You may in fact need to grab the ISO of the Windows 10 you are currently using and reinstall the OS over the top of itself [while choosing to save files and settings if you want ] which hopefully will return your OS to a fully working one. If you download the ISO which matches your current install from Microsoft, you can then right-click it and select Mount, then run the Setup.exe file.

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