Which edition for Win 7 Home Premium and Win 8.1 Single Language?

Aug 16, 2015
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Hello, I just joined.

I have a 1 MBPS unlimited connection; it takes about two hours to download 700 MBs, and the Win 10 download is around 3 GBs, so I have to make sure whether or not the edition I'm downloading is the correct one or not.

I have two laptops; both came with Windows pre-installed (licensed copy).

One is a three-years old Toshiba laptop which has Windows 7 Home Premium x64.

The other is a one-year old Dell laptop which had Windows 8 Single Language x64, which I updated to Win 8.1. System information just says "Windows 8.1 Single Language", but doesn't say whether its Pro or anything else, which means its the Win 8.1 Core edition - correct me if I'm wrong.

According to Microsoft, both of these can be upgraded to Windows 10 Home. For downloading Win 10, I'm going to use either the Media Creation Tool or the ESD links given on the Reddit page. In the beginning, the Media Creation Tool gives an option to select which Win 10 edition I want to download - Home / Home N / Home Single Language / Pro / Pro N.

My question is, can I download just one edition which can be used to upgrade both the laptops, or will I have to download two different editions for both? If I have to download twice, then I won't select the edition at all; in both laptops, I'll just let the Tool decide (Upgrade this PC option). If one download will suffice, for Win 8.1, I'll have to download Win 10 Home Single Language edition, but which version should I download for Win 7 Home Premium - Win 10 Home or Win 10 Home N?

I know the MTP will create an ISO while the direct download links give an ESD file; I've worked with ESD files earlier, so that's not a problem. I'm more inclined to download using the direct links as I can use a download accelerator as against MTP, which, from what I've read, often stops downloading midway and then you have to start the download again.

Thanks. :)
Feb 22, 2014
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N and KN editions:
The features in the N and KN Editions are the same as their equivalent full versions, but do not include Windows Media Player or other Windows Media-related technologies, such as Windows Media Center and Windows DVD Maker due to limitations set by the European Union.​

Unless you live in European Union, the standard non-N version is what you need. - Windows 10 Home (64-bit)

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