Why cant I optimise my drive

Apr 25, 2018
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using win10, my system reserved - says need to optimized (21%frag), c; drive ok (and can defra) while \\vol is ok (0% fragmented). i keeps on defrag c; it will go thru the usual number of passes etc. but the figure 21% fragmented still remains. at the end before i shut down the pc, it always says i dont have the permission to optimise but i am the only user. i power on pc and straight i can use the pc, no user, no password needed please help... thanks


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Nov 19, 2013
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Hello and welcome to the forum.
I've ran into something similar on a couple installations, but....
I never let it bother me too much.
The System Reserved Partition contains a couple important files which your system uses at bootup.
The Boot Manager and the Boot Configuration Data (BCD) and that's all, unless you are using Bit Locker in which case it also holds some of the encryption data that your system needs.

SO... unless you are noticing some overall performance issues and your computer seems to operating normally, I would say that it is safe to ignore any issues you might be having with that particular partition with respect to the native Defrag Utility (Defragment and Optimize Drives).

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