Windows 10 UI stopped working and cant download from store/update mail account

Jan 18, 2018
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So a few days ago my start menu, cortana, mail, edge and basically any new windows 10 UI randomly would not even open....on top of that audio stopped playing until I disabled audio enhancements which worked previously. I fixed the rest of the issues using powershell to reinstall some things however now the next day I am unable to use mail, windows store or xbox and get the following error shown in this picture Seems to be to do with my microsoft account on this PC (other devices work). I will also add that I made a new user account to test it and on the new account once again the start menu and windows 10 features were not working.Also I just tried to create a new account through the store instead of using my current one. I got the same error after creating the account and trying to sign in. All the app updates in the store all have errors on them as well. Something in the apps and windows 10 files is broken as my account works fine on other devices Any suggestions about the problem cause or solution.

Edit: Also using a gmail account works fine through the mail app...just MS account wont


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