SOLVED Wifi connect window question

Aug 16, 2022
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When going to connect to net via landlady's wifi, I click on net icon in far right task bar. A little globe looking thing. This opens a window which lists 'found' wifi signals. I click on landlady's wifi name. That name is now highlighted in a blue box which presents two choices. A box for 'connect automatically', and a larger button labeled connect. I usually press connect button. In 5 or 10 seconds text appears below wifi name and says connected secured. If wifi is sketchy I may chose connect auto matically figuring if wifi drops out it will reconnect automatically. My question concerns the 2, 3, or 4 other wifi signals that are displayed in the active wifi window. If I click on one of these others, the connect automatically box is always checked. Is that normal. If I click on a wifi that is foreign and press CONNECT button it asks me for the security code. Why is the connect automatically box checked on these other wifi spots that are something I do not use? Is someone connecting to my computer thru this command box?

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