Win 10 Pro or Home?

Dec 12, 2022
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I've been holding onto Win 7 on most of my systems, but given that availability of Win 10 is ending in Jan and that all the browsers I use are dropping win 7 support, I suppose it's time to bite the Win 10 bullet. I've been hesitant due to support for some of my apps and Win 10 data collection.

I'll keep my win 7 system SSD to boot up to for the unsupported apps. I see that a lot of the data collection can be turned off in settings, but alas, not all. But that's another thread.

All of my main systems are the pro version (including multiple Win 7, one Win 10 system and one Win 8.1).

I've been reading up on the differences, particularly in terms of managing MS data collection and privacy. If I remember correctly, WIn 10 pro had a greater ability to manage privacy using GPEdit. Is this still the case? Is the Home version now able to manage privacy to the same degree as pro?

I don't use Active Dir or domains.

Including privacy management, is Pro more advantageous than home? The cost is not an issue. I'll be using Win 10 until at least EOL, which is 3 yrs away.

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