Windows 10 1803/1809 reduces volume to audio device only when the source is from a browser


Apr 9, 2019
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I have this issue with my current device (HP Zbook G5), where the problem is present in both Windows 10 1803 and 1809 (haven't tested with older builds).
The issue is that somehow the volume level is reduced to the output audio device somewhere in between the application output and the device output. The issue is only present when the video/audio is played in a browser.
You can see this difference visually in the volume mixer and you can also hear the difference.
I took some screenshots with different setups (i've put descriptions of each case in the album) to showcase the issue: Weirdly enough the results vary:
-Standalone video player = 1:1 volume level (that's how it should be)
-Firefox/Edge youtube player = Full volume output at the browser but reduced volume level to the device
-Chrome youtube player = Reduced volume output at the browser which matches 1:1 volume level to the device
-Different audio devices yield the same issue, so it seems to be a software issue.
All enhancements/settings have been disabled, and all volume levels set to max. Communications audio reduction disabled as well.
I should/can test another PC to see if it specific to this hardware but since we have the Chrome - Firefox/Edge difference in behavior could ensure that this is a software issue.

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