Windows 10 computer doesn't recognize iPhone as external drive

Jun 10, 2019
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I have an iPhone7 version 12.2 and a Windows 10 computer. When the iPhone was new, I could connect the phone to my computer via USB and view the photos on my phone using Windows and copy photos from the phone without any issues. Now there are two fairly consistent problems:

  1. Lengthy delay (often 5 to 20 minutes) after connecting the phone via USB before the DCIM folder shows up in Explorer - and sometimes it never shows up.

  2. If the DCIM folder does show up and I start copying files, the copy process abruptly stops at arbitrary times prior to it completing.
I tried it with one of my old desktops and it worked fine. Given the other problems with Apple, I never suspected the problem would be the Windows computer. Now the question is what is wrong with my Windows 10 computer such that the problem only manifests itself when attempting to read an iPhone and copy files form the iPhone?

Perhaps someone in here has encountered this and/or has an idea how to fix this problem.


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