Windows 10 is trying to play Klondike for me. How do I make it stop?

Mar 17, 2016
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In the new Klondike - which looks ugly to me compared to the 8.1 version - when I click to move a card from the desk to the upper part where the four stacks are located, if there is more than one card in the line that can be transferred to the stacks, the program transferred that card as well as the one I clicked on. It:s a very fast transfer and I have missed the transfer of the extra card until I try to play it and discover that it has been moved for me. I am perfectly able to play my own games. I don:t need that kind of interference. I do not want that that kind of interference. No person or program knows exactly what I want to do with the extra card that was moved.
I play a stripped-down game in which the only thing that matters is whether I won or whether I lost. I do not use the time statistic, the score statistic, or any other statistic except number of games played, number of games won, and percentage of games won. The only types of games I have played, or wished to play are Spider and Klondike. I gave up playing Spider after I won 300 games in a row. It was no longer a challenge. I cannot play solitaire with actual cards because of a disability brought on by a broken back. I can no longer extend my arms long enough to play with ordinary cards. Surely I should be at least allowed to play my own computerized game without interference.


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