SOLVED Windows 10 Networking with Updates

Feb 18, 2016
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Windows 10 has a feature to "Get updates from Microsoft, and get updates from and send updates to PC's on my local network" I'm looking for more information on network updates.

I'm thinking of connecting 2 PC's (hardwired) to a home network modem, for simplicity of my question, I'll call them Primary and Secondary PC's.

My question is, if the 2 PC's are networked and I'm downloading Windows 10 updates to primary PC will the secondary PC also have to be on line to receive the same update. I'm assuming the secondary PC will also receive the same update if it's On-Line?

If the secondary PC is not (as in most cases) ON-Line, how do I send the recent updates from the Primary to the Secondary PC at a later date. I might be wrong, but, I think this may save on gobbling up internet provider bandwidth.


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