Windows 10 update crashed my computer

Sep 22, 2016
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I have been running Windows 10 for months and had a update and restart happen last night and was not able to get the computer to boot. After seeking professional help I was told my only opion was to do a factory restore. I am now all the way back to Windows 7 and have nothing on my hard drive. My question is can I still get the free Windows 10 upgrade and is it safe to reinstall on my computer?


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Jun 25, 2015
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Windows 10’s free upgrade offer is officially over. But, unofficially, free copies of Windows 10 are still available. There are quite a few ways you can still get Windows 10 for free.


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Nov 19, 2013
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have been running Windows 10 for months
My question is can I still get the free Windows 10 upgrade
IF Windows 10 was previously installed and activated on your computer, then ..... YES..... you can install it again and again, anytime you want, for free.
Just get the latest ISO from here
Choose Windows 10, the first item in the first drop down (not single language at the bottom) * see note at bottom.
Next choose your language and your bit version (32 or 64 bit to match your system architecture or in the case of an upgrade, to match your currently installed version of Windows).
That will provide an ISO that will boot, upgrade, repair (or clean install) either or both Windows 10 Pro and Home.
Within Windows 10 you can just double click the ISO file to mount it as a virtual drive and run setup.exe from that virtual drive to perform the in-place / upgrade / repair.
*NOTE: In some cases, we've learned that some people have the "Single Language" version installed. In which case you would need that download. It's important that you match the ISO version that you download with your installation.
Once you have downloaded the ISO you can use ImgBurn to burn it to a DVD
Rufus to burn it to a USB ThumbDrive
When you've created the installation media then you should be able to boot from that and install Windows 10 again. No need to do the whole upgrade thing again.
is it safe to reinstall on my computer?
I assume, since you had been running it, that it would be "safe". It's certainly worth giving it a go and determining for yourself, if it is "safe".

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