windows 10 upgrade doesn't recognize my password




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Nov 19, 2013
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Not much to go on, but....
IF you have any USB peripherals attached, especially any wireless dongle supporting a wireless keyboard and or mouse try disconnecting / removing it and attaching a standard USB wired keyboard and mouse.
IF you see any option present on the sign-in screen referencing "language" you might try clicking that to see if your regional settings are configured properly.
Make sure that the User Name is exactly the User Name you are expecting to use to log-in with and the one associated with the Password you are using.
Use the "Eye" icon in the password box and make sure that the password is being entered exactly as you are typing (case sensitive)
Use the On Screen Keyboard from the Ease of Access icon on the sign-in screen to enter the password and again confirm that it is being typed exactly as you are expecting.
IS this a local account or a Microsoft Account?
Do you have any other user accounts on the system?

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