Windows 10 will not boot

Feb 22, 2021
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Hello to you all at Windows 10forums. I've got a major problem with my computer.
Please forgive the long message, as I simply don't know what maybe relevant to solve this.

My computer simply will not boot windows 10 as of approx 12th of February 2021.

However first of all this is my computer spec:
ASUS P9X79pro (LGA 2011)
Intel core i7 3930k Sandy Bridge 3.2GHz
Cosair 4x4GB vengeance DDR3
EVGA Nvidia GTX560Ti

2 weeks prior to the problem, I upgraded RAM to 4x8GB Cosair cmy16gx3m2a1600c9r vengeance pro series DDR3 1600Mhz. And for a week plus the machine functioned without a issue. Then windows released a cumulative update from windows 10, and almost a day later I run into problems.

Windows simply would not boot as normal.

Instead BSOD screens occurred with either nvlddmkm.sys failure, or win32base.sys or PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA etc

Eventually after alot of going and froing removing all other drives, so only the ssd dvd drive are present. Trying both the original 16GB ram and the new RAM etc.
I went for a clean installation of windows10 both from my windows USB or from windows creation media tool. Both failed to boot windows, instead cycling through its 3 attempts then reverting to the blue screen with troubleshooting options.

I can boot windows into Safe Mode, and have run sfc /scannow, DISM.exe clean-image tests. I updated drivers via iobit, dud various memory tests via windows internally, and memtests utilities. The Ufei bios didn't show errors with any of the RAM or other hardware still attached to the motherboard.

Just for the hell of it, I also made a clean install of windows 7 with no problems booting up windows, and no crashes. However when I upgraded to windows 10 from there it reverts back to the same failure to load windows 10.

I fixed the missing nvlddmkm.sys code in c:/windows/system32/drivers folder, created from the via Nvidia drivers website.
This did work only once in booting windows, but soon crashed. Returning to the troubleshooting page.

Could there be a conflict with my graphics card?

People have suggested plugging the monitor directly to the motherboard as it might be a graphics card issue, but I cannot see how to do this.

Or has the recently released windows10 update caused this problem? (Wouldn't clean installation solve this?). There have been reports of recent updates causing BSOD loops but for different reasons than mine?

So I hoping someone here on your forum my have a suggestion of a way to solve this riddle.

I thankyou all in advance for any advice you may have as to how I can solve this issue.

All the best



Apr 22, 2017
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nvlddmkm.sys failure
Hi Will,

sounds like an Nvidia driver problem.

Boot from a USB stick with a fresh copy of Windows 10 and you can troubleshoot the computer, see the following link and read from "If you can't boot Windows 10". :)


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