Windows 7/Windows 10/Windows Vista/Windows XP/Windows 11-Driver help!

Oct 13, 2021
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Most of you probably don't know this but I have a Fifteen-year-old System (Dell precision m4400) And I have driver issues it is meant to run windows 7/windows XP/windows vista. But I cannot use any of those operating systems because every time I install it fails on first boot.

So I will start from the beginning I got this computer Without a hard drive (Long story) So i used a thumb drive The broken 32 GB Toshiba transmemory (posted Here) And I installed raspberry pi desktop based on Debian Linux on that thumb drive (before it was broken) I was so excited when I did that but that was an old thumb drive so it had slow issues including freezing But it found drivers including Bluetooth (unlike windows) Anyway I tried installing windows 10 (then it broke)
So I did other things Then I bought a thumb drive usb 3.0 it was a monster 250gb it was speedy and raspberry pi os flew like crazy anyway i installed windows 10 on it using rufus creating a windows to go flash drive it found drivers enough to boot any way but windows 10 had issues because the comp was old so I d\just played with it then erased it multiple times and restarted because i was experimenting But i got excited and before windows 11 was even out I created a windows 11 to go and it worked but the task bar took forever to load when you signed after boot Well do to incompatible drivers I decided lets install windows 7 well I tried xp to start and I installed using disk and it installed with no errors but it failed to boot so I integrated storage drivers and burned it to a dvd it still failed then I stopped without integrating the chipset because I was not sure what thee code was so i did not waste any more dvds well i reinstalled windows 10 and tried to downgrade but windows 7 did not support automatic downgrade so iI created a partition and tried a custom insta;; and it said it dies not support installing over usb so I stopped and now I am asking you all to tell me what drivers I need how to put them the iso because Vlite does not work or just how to get it to boot.

Also I tried all the F8 options including safe mode.

I am currently posting from the same machine with the same windows to go thumb drive running windows 10 pro N


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