Windows automatic update has locked me out of computer

Sep 19, 2016
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I have a Gateway 17 in. laptop that I upgraded from windows 7 to 10. No problems. This morning when I started the computer message said upgrade being preformed, this will take several minute don't turn off computer. Before it finished (at least 20 minutes) I had to leave so left computer on.
When I returned in a few hours the normal start opened, when I clicked the up arrow the Sign in option scream opened and I entered the pin number. The following message appeared "Your device is offline. Sign in with the last password used on this device". I have no idea what the "last Password" i used before shutting it down last night. I used the google password I use for email and the one I use for Microsoft and the same message appears.
I am writing this on my Nextbook 10.1 tablet/laptop.
Can anyone help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
William D Hancock



Mar 4, 2016
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Hi William,

Welcome to the Forum.

  • When the webpage opens check radio button next to I know my password but can't sign in, then click the Next button

    Sample Image


  • On the next page, enter your registered email address for Microsoft account, then in lower field to prove you are human, enter the text you see in image, or hear in audio if you choose to hear it. Then click Next

    Sample Image


  • Next to verify your identity check email and click Next. Microsoft will email you a security code.

    Sample Image


  • Go check email for that code
  • Now enter that code into window and click Next

    Sample Image


  • Follow the prompts after that to reset.

    I do not wish to reset my own password so I cannot continue posting image samples, but essentially after clicking next, you'll need to reset or type the password you normally use (not a pin).

    Once done get your other computer connected online with WiFi or whatever you have, then sign in as usual.



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