Windows Backup File History

Feb 18, 2016
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Does anyone use Windows Backup File History to an external drive?
I have used it for the past 2 days, I like it, seems like a decent user friendly program. Since I've only used it twice, can anyone explain if Windows Backup File History program does incremental backups, or does it perform a complete new File History backup of the selected folders?
The only feature that I would like to see added is the ability of the to set a scheduled time for daily backups, the other default times are self explanatory.
I can see it being a very useful feature in an office environment were you create many documents / records / accounting spread sheets on a daily basis.

I like to backup "My Docs" every day to my optical drive at 7PM, anything more than "My Docs" then I have to resort to using a second CD which I find is a pain. I still perform a regular system image, but the ability to snag something off a backup CD is a simple process.

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