Word 2010 Macro Help Needed

Feb 8, 2015
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Although this isn't related to Windows 10 as such, I'm hoping that someone here might help me none-the-less or point me to where I might find help.

I am a retired Pastor after 30 plus years. Through that time I have accumulated numerous sermons, Bible Studies and research papers. They had all been written in Word documents. Some time ago, someone, I have forgotten who, helped me with a Word macro to go though and convert all these .doc documents to .docx documents and delete the original .doc file. I wanted this primarily so I could build a Personal Book in my Logos Bible Software so as to allow me to search this Personal Book like any other book in my library. This worked fine.

Over the years, my eyesight has detreated and I now need much larger fonts. I originally wrote everything in 12 pt. Times Roman font, no paragraph indentation and a 4 pt. blank space between paragraphs and page numbering from the stock Page Numbering options similar to Page 1 of 7, centered at the bottom of the page.

I would like to be able to manually open a document and decide if it's one I want to keep. If so, I'd like to click on a macro that will select everything, change the Font throughout to 24 pt. Times Roman, go through and change the blank space between the paragraphs from 24 pt. to 8 pt., and if the document is not page numbered, to add it similar to that above and finally to save the document.

Any help would be most appreciated.




Jul 31, 2015
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Best way to do this is to do it manually to create a macro than apply that macro to other docs.

Selecting everything is easy (Ctrl-A, change font size). Changing the blanks between paras would be to seach for a para marker, go on 1 character and then change to 8 pt. For page numbering, not sure - maybe set it anyway, even it it is set already.

I'm at work at the moment, but if you can upload a sample document here, I'll give it a go i9n the next few days (I may have some time free Friday evening)


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