Apps acting like they're alt-tabbing

Apr 7, 2017
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This problem recently started: all my apps are acting like they alt-tabbed, but they are not going to the most recently visited program. For example, on chrome, the whole top of the app goes all pale and white, and I have to click to started typing again. While playing fullscreen games, the game alt-tabs every 5 seconds. It's really annoying, someone please help.


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Nov 19, 2013
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Not much to go on in your post. No information as to what type of computer we're talking about nor any specs as to how it might be equipped.
Given the info in your post I would suspect your input device(s).
Are you using a wireless dongle to support a wireless keyboard and or mouse?
Have you charged them and or replaced the batteries?
Have you tried an alternate known good USB wired keyboard.

There may be something going on in the background that is stealing focus from active applications.
You might want to try clean booting your system as described here
Easily done, easily undone.
Basically you're just disabling all the Startup Items and All non-Microsoft services.
Be sure to check the box to hide Microsoft Services, as you don't want to accidentally disable any of those.

Additionally, as some malware can result in similar symptoms I'd suggest a thorough and robust scan of your computer
ADWcleaner from here
JRT (Junkware Removal Tool) from here
Malwarebytes from here

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