Clean install win 10 on new HD

Mar 22, 2016
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Sorry if this issue as been covered I have a Toshiba laptop which I only use for a few programs but for a long time since I did a clean install of win 10 it's takes a very long time to load when I say long time to load windows opens and goes to desktop fairly reasonably but then it takes quite a while before you can do anything ! So if there is no quick fixes what I would like to do format the HD then clean install win 10 what's the best way to go about this ?
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Nov 19, 2013
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The first thing you're going to need is current installation media.
Use the tool here
To create what you need to move forward.

Without any information as to the specs or age of the laptop, you may want to consider a couple things.
Likely the original hard drive (if still present) was less than optimal to begin with. Most are 5400 rpm spinners.
I found that one of the best ways available (if it's an option) is to upgrade the older mechanical hard drive with a new SSD
Again if it's an available option, add additional RAM.

Many older Windows 10 laptops were a bit borderline on specs to begin with and over the ensuing years have only became less than optimal. It's probably never going to be a rocketship, but...\
Spending a few bucks to enhance it just a bit may give you a couple more years of satisfactory use.


Oct 26, 2016
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What I have done with my old laptops as they were getting slower and slower over time, I did a clean install on it but I have replaced the HDD with a SSD and also maxed out my RAM memory. Both steps brought an enormous speed boost. The loading times have drastically increased from about 4-5 minutes with a HDD to about 1 minute with a SSD. I can highly recommend to change to a SSD (it almost does not matter which brand you prefer, I have used so far :
Western Digital blue
Sandisk SSD plus and SanDisk Ultra 3D SSD
Samsung EVO 750 and 850

I also have used OWC which usually makes SSD's for Mac's but I don't have a good experience with those as they fail frequently.

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