Computer crashes in blue screen (Page_fault_in_nonpaged_area Error)

Mar 21, 2016
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This is happening sice i installed windows 10.On windows 8.1 this was not happening.
Every time when i try to update a game,and install something my laptop restarts and it saying "Page fault in nonpaged area"
I know how to fix it.Only instaling and updating games from Steam works.If someone knows how to slove this error please help.
Thakn you.



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Nov 19, 2013
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Unfortunately that error can have a wide range of causes.
A physical memory issue, so test your RAM Download the ISO, burn it to a CD, boot from that and run 6 passes minimum. See what it produces.
A driver problem either an actual hardware driver or a software product that you have installed that contains a driver component.
Since it involves a page fault, it could be a problem with your hard disk. So you might want to use the native Check Disk utility to see if that reveals any information.
Right click the Start Button and choose Command Prompt (Admin) and in the command prompt window type
chkdsk C: /R
hit enter
type Y (when prompted)
hit enter
type exit
Let it run. This can take a very long time to finish. Do not interrupt it and ignore the progress counter.
When it's done check the event viewer, windows logs, application logs, "Action" from the menu bar and "Find" type chkdsk
See if it found any KBs in "Bad Sectors" should be at the bottom of the information.

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