May 16, 2016
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My Dell computer downloaded Windows 10
but was too old to cope with it.
I uninstalled Windows 10 and re-installed Windows 7.
It's just fine !
I receive daily offers of Windows 10,
which I refuse.
Yesterday I received a statement that Windows 10 would be downloaded
on to my computer on Wednesday 18th May.
I didn't ask for it a second time,
and I don't want it.
What now ?



Mar 4, 2016
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Hi Julius,

Microsoft opened an official KB article on this very scenario here:

However, having read through this article it becomes somewhat obvious for the average user the recommendations offered there are likely to cause confusion and perhaps even lead to worse troubles if applied incorrectly by the user reading the page.

Fortunately, a well respected Developer has created a one time use executable to apply the recommended changes which can be downloaded here:

The application will not only disable this persistent notification, it will also prevent the OS upgrade ever occuring, provided Microsoft who created the Registry tweak he is using maintain their promise to Multinational Businesses who are relying on their older systems remaining unchanged.

Technical information on what the executable does is provided here:

Note: The executable download is not an installer. So when it has completed the task you can remove it permanently from your system if you want to. You may also choose to keep it handy. A reason for perhaps keeping it is mentioned below.

What it will do brief summary:
  • Confirm are version of your OS and if conditions its looking for are true then . . .
  • Check the file version of your Windows Update Service. It needs to do this as Microsoft have programmed their automated upgrade around this. If necessary it will prompt you to upgrade this service. You simply agree and it will automatically get the correct information for you and upgrade the service for you using Microsoft servers for this.
  • Next it will modify the Registry in two locations. There are permanent modifications Microsoft provided (meaning they have promised no future updates for your OS will over write these modifications and thus reverse your intent to block the OS upgrade). Should you wish to reverse this and actually upgrade to Windows 10 you will either need to manually do this yourself by removing both modification, or if you choose to keep the utility you are about to download, you can use it to re-enable the Windows 10 OS Upgrade offer. The two keys modified and how they are modified are mentioned here:
  • If you wish to view the Official Page for the utility yourself before committing to downloading the utility then go here:

Final comments:
  • Steve is one of the good guys out there. His programs are FREE, Bloat, Spy, Adware free, and given he is super anti advertisers and spying on privacy you will notice his website is 100% ad free.
  • I don't need the utility obviously as I want to be using Windows 10, but I've downloaded it and done my usual scans before suggesting its use. It's safe to use.
  • Having said that it is good policy when downloading anything to check yourself before actually running.



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