Greyed Out Menus In Several E-readers

Jun 27, 2017
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I'm wondering if a problem with multiple e-readers is related to a Windows setting.

The free e-readers I've tried:
  • adobe digital editions
  • overdrive/read now
  • kindle
The problem(s):
  • I cannot highlight, take notes, and/or bookmark pages.
  • Options are either greyed out (adobe digital editions), or do not display at all (right-clicking in overdrive/readnow does not bring up highlighting option).
The file: Book in epub format, purchased from Lexis Nexis. No problems downloading.

Here's what I've done:
  • uninstalled and reinstalled e-readers
  • deleted and re-downloaded epub book
  • opened the file from within the e-readers and from the file location, using "open with"
  • restarted my computer several times between the steps above
  • searched the support forums for the e-readers; tried to contact technical support, but no luck
  • on hold with Lexis technical support line forever (the first e-reader I tried -- overdrive/read now -- was the one Lexis recommended)
I would appreciate any ideas about this issue.

Maybe free e-readers aren't the way to go?

Thanks very much.


Mar 4, 2016
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Hi Aarrff,

Welcome to the Forum.

I'm only familiar with Adobe Digital Editions, and this works perfectly fine with Windows 10.
  • When at a page you wish to bookmark, simply click the Red bookmark on top toolbar
  • Later to return to the bookmark, click Reading > Show navigation panel then select the bookmark you want
  • To highlight, you need to left-click and drag mouse cursor to select text then right-click on the selected text and choose Highlight
  • To remove a highlight simply click on Reading > Show Navigation panel then on the left side where Bookmarks are listed with the red tag and Edits are listed with a yellow mark, simply left-click on the Edit you want to remove. then click the cog in toolbar and select Delete Selected

I am using Versions 4.5.5 which I downloaded from:

The Windows Installer for this is 8.24 MB and installs something around 22 MB of data. During the install, a option to install a Norton product appears, but you can remove the check there and then the Apply button changes to a Next button which you click to avoid installing the Norton product.

What are you using?

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