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Discussion in 'Crashes, BSODs and Debugging' started by steven duemey, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. steven duemey

    steven duemey

    Mar 13, 2018
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    I am on computer #2 because after accepting the latest update saterday 3/10/18 on computer #1 (my main computer) doesn't work any longer...I can't get internet because it doesn't even recognize my router...It doesn't recognize my pin or anything....So I can't get to my start page...If i could get to start page maybe I could find a way to delete that terrible update.....have I been scammed?...I got the update after several notifications and finally went to settings-update then I took the update....HELP....My computer worked perfectly before the update.. .If you got an idea??
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    steven duemey, Mar 13, 2018
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  2. steven duemey

    Ben Myers

    Nov 6, 2017
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    Start the computer, wait ten or fifteen seconds, then push and hold the power button until the computer shuts down. Do this twice and the third time the computer should boot into the recovery environment.

    Ben Myers, Mar 13, 2018
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