Notice: If you are using Norton 360


Mar 4, 2016
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Hi folks,

If you have Norton 360 installed as your primary security software you may have noticed since the last cumulative update for Windows 10 that should you choose to restart computer, the spinning circle and mouse cursor freeze forcing you to press and hold your power key to shut down computer.

You may have also noticed that when installing updates that require a restart, you see the spinning circle up to around 30%, then again everything freezes and you are forced to press power button to force shut down your computer.

If this is happening for you then there are a couple of ways to resolve this:
  • Short term work-around
    • Right-click the Norton icon in System tray and disable the Smart firewall before selecting to restart computer

  • Permanent solution
    • Visit this Norton webpage:
    • Download the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool
    • Run the NRnR.exe file you just downloaded and follow prompts.

      Note: It restarts computer a couple of times. On the first restart your computer may freeze one more time. If that happens then press and hold power button down till computer shuts down. Then restart computer.

      After computer has rebooted and you sign back in the tool will continue running after you give it permission to run.

      At this point if you happen to have Malwarebytes installed it will request to uninstall it as it is not compatible with Norton 360 and is the primary reason for this issue in the first place as Norton's Smart Firewall conflicts with Malwarebytes.
    • Allow Norton to download and install again and all your settings will be saved including your product key.
    • Once its running again, left-click the Norton icon in the System tray to open its console.
    • Click the Protected icon then click on Live Update

      Note: You'll download 16 updates in one go (just shy of 26 MB). After these install, run the live update one more time to download one additional update (< 3 MB).




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