PC/device needs repairs File:\Boot\BCD error 0xc000014c

Jul 29, 2016
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PC/device needs repairs File:\Boot\BCD error 0xc000014c

I have tried the standard repair scenarios as follows and get the same error message

1) Acronis True Image 2016 Emergency disk epair
2)) Easeustodo Emergency disk repair
3) Windows 10 rescue disk
4) Windows .iso bootable DVD disk created July-22-2016

In case 4) the disk appeared to boot reading the DVD but then failed on the same error

I have used option 1) within the last week successfully on this same machine.

This laptop first had problems after the first general release of windows 10 last year
100% disk utilization requiring a hard boot. After 2-3 months of frustration a clean install of windows 10 solved the problem. All was good for the last 9 months.
A couple of weeks ago I did some testing of EASEUSTODO backup for a friend , and shortly after startup 100% disk utilization problem occurred again.. I suspected antivirus problems using AVAST since this commonly occurs during the antivirus startup scans so I changed to PANDA that I use on my desktop. No more 100% disk utilization problems. I then needed to do the next forced windows update from 10586.318 to 10586.494.
so i completed that. I then did an Aronis backup no problem, and did and EASUS backup no problem

I am now going to test recoveries of both ACRONIS and EASUSTODO...and now it is time to go to the top of the page.

NOTE: 100% disk utilization in this scenario means at very low or no I/O rate. and small cpu use as shown by taskmanager
and no response from anything even though taskmanager chugs merrily along.

All backups are all partitions on the disk.


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