Problems w10 and drivers - no detection of dvdwriter and external hdd

Mar 10, 2021
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I'm the very unhappy owner of a Lenovo ideapad 320-14IAP, my worst laptop ever (no Lenovo ever again!)
After 6 months or so i found out that i didnt get any signal through hdmi connection with my tv.
I also found out that some external hdd that were recognized on my old w7 were no longer
recognized on this w10 laptop and just overnight without doing anything wrong. In the Philippines
warranty is only 7 days or so i just lived with this problem.

After 2 years i had to change the keyboard and since the technician didnt find the appropriate
driver for the installed windows 10 version he changed it to Windows Enterprise 10

Now one year later i have problems again with the keyboard, some keys first worked sometimes then
again no more just like it had to warm up first and then later on no more like the t,y tab and backspace keys

Also my internal dvdwriter a HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GP20N USB Device is no longer recognized
and i cant find the driver for anywhere it as i uninstalled it and it is hidden in device manager.
Theres also a dvd inside that i cant get out even not if i put a fine object through the small hole
to open it. Lenovo support is as good as inexistent.

Anyone can give me some advice what i can do to solve one or more of these problems.
Dont know if i have to blame w10 or Lenovo, i really think about getting my old w7 laptop
fixed instead of this one, since i didnt have this kind of problems at all before and
just live with the lack of security updates

Is it possible to downgrade this lenovo from w10 to w7 altogether without losing logins?
There was never any cd included when i bought this computer either

Changing the motherboard or keyboard of this Lenovo is out of the question since i better buy a cheap chinese
or secondhand laptop or fix my old w7 laptop then facing the same problem again in less than a year.


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