SOLVED Problems with Adobe Digital Editions

Feb 8, 2017
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On moving to Win 10 I had difficulty getting my E Books to work in Adobe Digital Editions. I'd download Ok but all i got was a blank white page. This is how I got it to work in case anyone else is having this problem.
Open Digital editions.In top LH corner click File. Click "Add to library". Locate the file where you downloaded your book (I use one called Book File). You will probably NOT see your download. Go to bottom RH corner selection. Click and select Adobe Content. Your URL should then appear. Double click the URL and you should see your book appear.
Hope this is helpful.


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Nov 19, 2013
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Hello and welcome to the forum.
Thanks for sharing your solution.
Glad you were able to resolve your issue.
I haven't used Adobe Digital Editions for a while, since I switch over from my Nook to my Kindle which has some of its' own minor quirks.
I'll keep this thread in mind, in case I ever switch back.

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