Strange problems when trying to update to Win 10

Aug 1, 2015
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Evening all, ive been trying to upgrade to win 10 for a few hours now and i still cant get it working. First off my P.C specs are as follows

Intel i7 4790k
16 gig ram
250 gig ssd
2 tb harddrive
gforce 780 gtx on the newest drivers
win 8.1

So now the problem. It all starts off fine until the first restart, when this happens my monitor goes black and i get the no signal image on my screen, my pc is working away at this point so i thought id leave it for a while then after about 25 mins the pc restarted 3 times in a row then seemed like it was going into boot fine, the monitor finally got a signal but all i was greeted with was a black screen. Since there was some hard drive activity i decided to leave it a while but nothing happened at all. I had enough a rebooted the pc with a hard reset after 10 mins of no signal the pc reverted back to windows 8.1 with a message saying something like "first boot failed" sysprep error - then on the second try it had the same error but with a new line saying back round image failed error 4 or something like that. Now im stuck as i have tried everyting to get this to work but it seems my pc wont play ball. Am i stuck with windows 8.1 forever... Thanks for reading mark


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