Unable to boot computer since last update and an attempt to restore system

Nov 21, 2016
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I updated my wife's Hp laptop windows 7 to windows 10 in aug 16 using a computer company to do so. After the 1st update in Sept we lost the wireless connection driver. The company could not resolve that issue without charging over 100 bucks. we still had the land line connection with the internet. the update in Oct caused the computer to go to a blue screen but we had the ability to select the restore to Sept, after clicking on that we lost the ability to use the computer with out having to go back to the factory rest. we were advised that we could go back to windows 7 without any issue by pressing control & F7 at the same time. that option does not work.
I contacted Microsoft support by phone and after 30 minutes of trying to resolve this issue with their assistance I was informed that for 199 bucks they could correct the issue and my wife's computer would be fixed and in working order.
I would prefer to have her computer up and running with windows 7 and hopefully have all her files if that is possible.
is there any help out there that can assist me on this issue?



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Nov 19, 2013
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Having read the above as well as your post from last November here
I think you might have your work cut out for you.
I would prefer to have her computer up and running with windows 7
I would think that, that is definitely do-able, assuming you have the product key for Windows 7 on that computer, and the installation media which if you don't have it you may be able to get the proper version using
Very important to match the version with your product key, as well as your system architecture.
and hopefully have all her files if that is possible
That..... depending on all that has come before, might be a little more difficult.

Personally, I would go here
Take advantage of the 30 day free trial, install it on a working computer, use it to create the "Rescue Media", boot the problem system from the rescue media and perform a full disk image to an external resource (USB external hard drive).
Then attach that drive back to the computer you installed Acronis on and mount the .tib file and see what remains.
IF you can view her user folder under X:\Users\HerUserName (where X: is the letter given to the mounted .tib file formerly her C:\ drive), then you should be in-luck and can copy and paste them into their appropriate locations on the recovered computer.

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