What is the correct way to transfer Documents, Music, Pictures & Videos to a new storage drive on a new computer?

Jul 18, 2016
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I have all my documents, music, pictures and videos on an external hard drive. I want to transfer them to a new computer. On the new computer, I have a ‘C’ drive and a storage drive ‘D.’

I want to transfer all my documents, music, pictures and videos from my external hard drive to the storage drive ‘D’ on my new computer. To do this:

Should I put these documents straight into the new volume ‘D’ drive on the new computer?

Or should I put them on the ‘C’ drive and transfer them from the ‘C’ drive to the ‘D’ on the new computer?

How should it be done the right way?




Sep 26, 2017
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I'd go directly to the D: partition/drive, saves a step versus to C: first. As long as File Explorer can see all drives there usually is no problem, just drag and drop from one place to the other. Just be sure to plug the External drive into the same type socket, USB 3 to USB 3 or can be USB 2 plug/cable into USB 3 socket.

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