Windows 10 crashes when in lockscreen but i am able to boot into safe mode

Jul 20, 2019
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Hey everyone i own a dell inspiron 7567 laptop over the past couple of months i have been having trouble with my laptop's gaming performance

So naturally after weeks of talking with dell they asked me to do a system reinstall and asked to check my performance and later since there was no improvement they replaced my motherboard and my graphics card along with the cooling fans

Even after this i did not get any improvement in my PC's gaming performance so they suggested me to use -:

"Intel Extreme Tuning Utility" and set the "Core voltage offset" to "-0.100" from "0" and asked me to record my issues

The laptop was working fine when suddenly after like a day it suddenly turned off without any warning or error message not even

I have attached a video stating what is happening exactly (attached a gdrive share link at the end of the document and in the beginning)

This happend first and i tried to run System repaid and System Restore but nothing fixed the problem
However inspite of all this i was able to boot into Safe mode with networking (Thats how im making this post here) safe mode works fine without any crashes

Then i followed a few steps like doing a SFC scan which said windows found some corrupt files and could not fix them then after following a few steps from the internet and with no luck with them too i decided to do a complete OS reinstall

I have 2 hard disk one normal 1TB hard disk and 1 256gb M.2 SATA SSD (Windows is in the SSD)

i created a bootable usb and booted in with it and formatted my C drive ie my SSD and performed a clean install of windows and ran SFC scan again this time too it raised a few errors but this time it said windows successfully repaired all the files and after a reboot i performed another scan it showed no errors and said that "no integrity violations were found"

Naturally after a fresh install i started updating my windows 10 and when it asked to reboot to finish update the same thing repeated and i was unable to use the PC other than in Safe mode

Again i booted in with my USB and performed a clean install of the OS and this time the first time itself SFC scan did not give out any violations and i thought maybe i had to perform the above mentioned "Intel Extreme Tuning Utility" steps for the PC to function and i performed that

After this the PC did start to work and i was able to boot in and install all necessary software but when i changed my power settings to high performance my laptop instantly crashed and it was the same situation over again

Is this a problem with my motherboard or is it a problem with my Operating system or a problem in my BIOS due to the use of the "Intel Extreme Tuning Utility" i'm not sure

Sorry for the long post please give you're suggestions as to what could be causing the problem and any potential ways to fix it

Thank You (video)

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