Windows 10 issues

Nov 17, 2020
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Hello Guys:)

I've been trying to fix this PC for few days with very little progress. It is now getting to the point where I'm about to give up.

So here it is.
On Friday when the PC was moved into it's place something knocked the power switch at the back and the pc went down. After half an hour recovery process it worked just fine, until I've turned it off that is.
Saturday morning when I've tried turning it back on the ASUS bios logo took a little bit longer than usual. then I saw the windows logo for a bit before my screen went completely purple!
I moved the mouse and it appeared, I could even open the command window in which I've tried the:

it did not help.

I've tried powering it down abnormally to get the self repair window to pop-up.
After powering it down few times I've gotten the text under the windows logo "self repair... something". it would get stuck at this point or go into black screen with a mouse. (or purple again)
So overall no success with this either.

I've tried putting an USB/Windows DVD in to reinstall it or repair it. after a long while the icon pops up with the country and language, I select it click next and then I get an option to install windows or repair it
- if I press repair- the same results as before happen - after long while it just doesn't do anything, its stuck on the same screen or I get to see my mouse.
- If I try to install it it just goes into a screen with a mouse cursor and that's it - yesterday only once I've managed it to go into the next step where I could see the hard drives.

Next I've read that it could be something with the motherboard as people had issues with it where they had to put in the drivers dv in and it helped?
I've tried it by getting new bios in, updating it and it did not help at all...

I'm running out of ideas here guys, would be fantastic if you could throw any suggestions in?

Thank You & Regards



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Nov 19, 2013
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At this point I would probably remove the disk with the problem installation and attempt a clean install on a preferably new hard drive.
Just to further the diagnostic process and eliminate concerns about other hardware (motherboard) issues.
I'd also obtain the latest ISO from Microsoft and prepare new installation media to remove that possibility from the equation

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