WLan + Bluetooth Modules Atheros AR5B22 driver

Jan 21, 2018
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fwiw, I bought several AR5B22 cards in the past to add dual band wifi and BT capability to several old Dell core 2 duo laptops running Windows 10. Most of them were Acer branded cards which were easier to find on eBay. I think there was a Samsung and a Fujitsu branded card amongst them. They all work.

Today, I installed one of these cards (I think it was an Acer) into an Samsung RF511 (i5-2xxx) laptop running Windows 7 for a friend for its dual band capability. Downloaded latest qualcom AR9462 wifi and BT drivers from ath-drivers.eu. Wifi works great. But even after trying different BT drivers and starting the 'BT support service', there is no BT device listed in Device Manager (View hidden devices enabled). I am absolutely certain BT worked on this particular card that was previously installed in one of my older Dell Windows 10 notebook.

Fortunately, the owner of the Samsung laptop didn't require bluetooth, so I abandoned investigating the issue any further. The same laptop did previously have a broadcom single band wifi/BT card in it.

I did a bit of googling and stumbled across this thread.
bob8, yes my Acer Aspire 5750 also had a single band WiFi/BT card in and i did change it to the Qualcom AR9462 (AR5B22) dual and BT and it works perfectly but, there are certain intricacies with these drivers and they can be very finicky and stubborn to install. If you haven't gotten the right link, this is the link to the Win-7 BT drivers for the Qualcom AR9462 (AR5B22) from https://www.ath-drivers.eu/atheros-bluetooth-drivers.html make sure that there are no traces of the previous WiFi and BT drivers on this OP system, then, you have to install the BT driver after you have installed the WiFi driver then rebooted the comp,. The link at ath-drivers is for the AR9462/Bluetooth 4.0 + HS and its specifically for a Win-7 32/64bit and also for the 8 and 10 OP systems appropriately. These drivers have worked for me (Win-10 Pro 64bit) but I'm sure that they will work on Win-7. I would suggest that you try to install the BT driver a few times (if it dosen't install) and reboot comp, as it could be abit finicky and stubborn, I did have to do that on my Win-10 after installing v1809 as the BT driver got deleted (not the WiFi) and I had to reinstall the BT driver again. Hope this helps cheers.



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