Disable windows log in screens

Jul 8, 2017
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When I boot windows, there is two login screens showing up. One shows a random picture that someone has taken. Clicking through this login screen sends me to another login screen with my username. I'd like to disable both login screens and go straight to the desktop when I boot my computer.


Mar 4, 2016
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Hi Ghaeng,

The two screens you are seeing on Startup or Restart of your computer are:
  • Lock screen
  • Sign-in Screen

On the assumption you only have a single User account activated, and do not have the built-in Administrator account activated, then doing the following will achieve your goal of automatic sign-in.
  • Sign-in as you normally do to get to your Desktop
  • Now press windows key + S to give focus to the Search field
  • In the Search field type netplwiz then press Enter key
This will open the following dialog:​


Don't panic! That email address in image truly is fake o_O
  1. Remove the Check in top panel as shown in above image
  2. Left-click on your Username in middle panel as show in image
  3. Click on Apply button.

    This will open the following dialog:


    3a. Type your current password in the Password field

    3b. Type your current password in the Confirm Password field

    3c. Click the OK button

    You will now be returned to the first dialog.

  4. Click the OK button
  • Now simply Shut down and Restart computer for changes to take affect. On the reboot your will see that initial lock screen with the picture, but your Username will appear and now automatically sign-in.
  • Note: Doing this will reduce the security on your computer, and you will notice when using apps that require you are signed-in to your Microsoft account (e.g. Store) that you'll need to manually sign-in there to be able to use the apps.
  • In addition if you are using one of the most recent builds of Windows 10, or an Insider edition, when you first run netplwiz you may need to check the Advanced tab and remove check in the lower Secure sign-in pane which forces a two-step sign-in by forcing User to press Ctrl + Alt + Del a new optional security feature to help prevent malicious software faking sign-in page taking over.

    Sample image of the advanced tab of netplwiz and this new optional security feature:




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