Stuck at Reset

Jan 2, 2016
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So my Laptop ( I have an Inspirion 1564 Windows 10 ) has been having some issues, so I decided to give it a clean slate by having it factory reset. The only problem? It's been stuck at Resetting this PC 25% for the past 5 hours. I'm scared to force reset because I know it'll mess with the computer but I'm at lost and I have no idea what to do. does anyone know how I can fix it?


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Nov 19, 2013
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I decided to give it a clean slate by having it factory reset
How did you do this?
From within Windows "reset", or .....
Did it involve the Dell Datasafe software (or whatever they call it now) and the factory partition on the hard drive to actually return it to a factory state?

5 hours is definite a long time. Do you see anything that indicates activity??
Hard Disk activity light? Some noise perhaps indicating that something is actually going on?
Have you tried simply using the
Ctrl + Alt + Delete
keyboard combination to see if that produces a different screen?

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