Toshiba USB Driver changed its properties

Aug 25, 2017
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First I connected the Toshiba USB and its properties were correctly displayed. I used the Toshiba for backups.Then I removed it and connected a Verbatim thumb drive to which I installed a Recovery files using Windows 10 Create a Recovery Drive. Then I disconnected the Verbatim thumb drive and reconnected my Toshiba USB. Problem was that the Toshiba USB was renamed my Recovery Drive and given the maximum size of 31.9 gigabytes (my Toshiba USB had a maximum of 465 GB!). The Toshiba USB backs up fine but eventually the back ups will reach the limit. Can I give the renamed Toshiba USB a more useful name (like Backup) and change the maximum size to what is on the Toshiba USB.



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Nov 19, 2013
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Unfortunately, I think you are just the victim of the typical behavior of connecting and disconnecting various external USB drives and how they default to the next available drive letter.
So.... when you connect one, it gets a drive letter say "F:\" , then when you disconnected that drive letter becomes available and when you subsequently connect a second external USB drive it gets the same drive letter that the former drive had, so....
The "Recovery Drive" mechanism is associated with Drive letter "F:\" and thinks that your Toshiba drive is now where it's pointed.

Your option are to use Disk Management to reassign the drive letter. Perhaps best to have done this in advance but it's worth trying to give the Toshiba drive a different drive letter (x, y, or z) whatever you choose and then test, but safely removing the two drives and see if that corrects the problem

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